Ultra-High Pressure Wash

Whatever your choice of blacking service, each option includes an ultra-high pressure wash carried out by our own staff. The pressure is such that it could cause serious damage in untrained hands which is why we can’t hire it out for DIY use. What it does mean though, is that every bit of loose material attached to the hull is completely removed by us prior to blacking, negating the need for wire brushing.
It’s not just the the outer hull sides that are cleaned either, we remove weed hatch covers and bow-prop grilles too so that we can get right inside these often neglected areas. Our system also allows for complete cleaning of the baseplate, something that other marinas are often unable to achieve.
Once washed, the hull is inspected for damage or severe pitting and if required, an estimate is prepared for any recommended repairs.  We also take this opportunity to inspect the stern gear as this is the perfect opportunity to replace worn parts like skeg cup bearings.

Rylard Rytex

Rytex is a versatile high performance bodied bitumen solution which dries to an attractive satin finish, it has good abrasion and weather resistance, providing a longer life than conventional bitumen coatings.

2-Pack Epoxy

For the ultimate in long term protection you can’t beat a professionally applied two part epoxy coating. For added peace of mind, the Hempadur product we’ve selected for use at Debdale Wharf carries a 10 year warranty. The stipulation here though, is that we can only apply two pack products to freshly grit-blasted or, better still, zinc metal sprayed surfaces. See our Zinc Metal Spraying page for more details.

Whichever your choice of blacking product you can be sure of a great service from Debdale Wharf Marina. Our ultra-high pressure wash ensures your investment in product goes where its needed – on protecting your hull and not on covering up loose rust or crustaceans. We’re fully equipped to deal with all those minor repairs too – saving you money in the long run by avoiding the cost of repeatedly having your boat taken out of the water.

DIY Weekends

If you don’t mind tackling the odd dirty job yourself, you can make a substantial saving by applying the blacking yourself. Available over weekends throughout the year, we lift your boat on a Friday and clean the hull for you ready for blacking on Saturday and Sunday. If there are minor repairs needed we can generally get these completed on the Friday, so as not to hold you up. Our staff are available on Saturdays too though, and will lift the the boat to give you easy access to the baseplate and move the stands as required. On Sunday you will have plenty of time to apply a second coat to the sides and let the blacking dry before we lift back in on Monday morning.
There’s electricity available and access steps too, so there’s nothing stopping you staying on the boat over the weekend if you wish.
Finally, don’t forget the anodes – if these need replacing, we can weld new ones on for you before lifting back in.
For a current prices on all our blacking services, see our Price List.