Specialist Services Prices

In the table below you’ll find the 2020/2021 prices for our specialist grit blasting, metal spraying and epoxy blacking services. To cover all the various designs of boat, these services are priced by the square metre. Each boat is measured accurately once out of the water and the total price for the job agreed with the customer. For a guide price (hull sides and base) the linear foot length of most boats is equivalent to the square metre area. Add 10% extra for the cabin area. All prices include VAT unless stated.

Advanced booking is required for these services and depending on requirements, work takes around a week to complete

For further information, please call us on 0116 2793034.

Specialist Services

TransportBoat lift to/from the grit blasting bay £90 each way£180.00
Grit BlastingHull, sides & base£26.50 per sq mtr
Cabin (pre-prepared)£39.70 per sq mtr
Preparation£45.00 per hour
2 Pack epoxy primer to cabin£22.10 per sq mtr
ProtectionZinc Metal Spraying£28.50 per sq mtr
2 Pack Epoxy Finish£16.80 per sq mtr
Rytex Finish£8.00 per sq mtr
Bow Prop Tube (optional)£200.00
Additional work (whilst in Grit Bay)Welding/fabrication etc.£65.00 per hour
PaintingStern Bands (Optional)£150.00